Finding Opportunities

Where do you find opportunities? What if you lack experience - can you still get 'in'? Are all job boards safe? Which opportunities are worth your time to pursue? Should you use sites that collect your information and send it to a specific company that is hiring?

Is networking a way to find a job opportunity?

Where do I search for jobs online?

Search websites of companies where you would like to work. Start by searching the company name and then navigate to their "employment" or "jobs" page. You can also search for jobs in the databases below.

Alaska Jobs

United States Jobs (including Alaska)

Jobs Available due to COVID-19

Where do I find apprenticeships and internships?

Jobs combined with training can get you 'in' and help you grow.

What about employment agencies?

Where do I find volunteering options? (Great for gaining experience!)

How do I find job fairs?

What about self-employment?

Working for yourself results in building many skills!

How do I find opportunities for military veterans and family members?