Types of Interviews

At what stage might I be interviewed?

Interviews take place throughout the career management cycle. You may have an informational interview when you are researching companies and exploring options before applying. Impromptu interviews may take place at job fairs. Once you get a call to set an interview, you may participate in mock interviews to practice. The job interview may be a screening interview in which recruiters verify that you meet the requirements. Next, some candidates are called for selection interviews. Most jobs have one interview at this state, but be ready as some jobs have two, or three, or more interviews!

You may also have interviews when you are employed. For example, you are being considered for a promotion, another job, or perhaps for a training program. When you leave the job, you may have an exit interview.

What kinds of interview methods should I expect?

Interviews may take place in person, by telephone, or in video conferences using Zoom, Skype, or related programs. Some interviews are computerized, using computer artificial intelligence to ask questions and record your responses for later review.

At times, you may interact with one person, several persons, or a group. You may be the only candidate, or you may be interviewed in a group, called a panel interview. Most interviews are a discussion; however, you may have a demonstration interview in which you show how you do something such as repair equipment, resolve a customer service request, or create a spreadsheet.

What is a mock interview?

A mock interview is a practice. You may have one that is conducted in person or via distance technologies such as Zoom. Computer programs are being developed to allow you to practice interviewing, using artificial intelligence.

Can I watch some interviews?